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Musketeer Group, Inc. (MGI) has written conversion programming to convert client data from the QicLink™ system to other claim adjudication packages and vice versa.  This programming has been provided to over a dozen clients.  The other systems involved include MediClaims™ (WLT), GBAS™ (SBPA) and HBMS™ (Navisys).


MGI can also help with the loading of information into the QicLink system when a new group becomes effective.  Converting eligibility, accumulation, provider and claim information is one of our strengths.


RIMS' QicLink™ is a registered trademark of The TriZetto® Group, Inc., Naperville, IL

GBAS™ is a registered trademark of SBPA Systems, Inc., Houston, TX

MediClaims™ is a registered trademark of WLT Software of Florida, Inc., Clearwater, FL

HBMS™ is a registered trademark of Navisys, St. Louis, MO