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Musketeer Group, Inc. (MGI) provides operations and data processing management consulting services to companies involved in the processing of health care claims.  The company's focus is on practical, straightforward solutions to the problems presented by the rapid changes in the health care industry.

No reams of reports or excessive analysis, just a thorough gathering of information and then we roll up our sleeves and attack the problem.


The commitment to the client extends beyond the typical consulting approach of making a recommendation, billing and running.  Assistance with communication, implementation and the evaluation of results are part and parcel of the services provided.  The client gains another "employee" with a shared interest in the success of their business when they contract with MGI.

MGI is led by Steven J. Fehr.  Mr. Fehr has been involved in the claim processing field for seventeen years.  Of these seventeen years, ten have been spent providing consulting services to dozens of clients.  With experience in operations, marketing and data processing, Mr. Fehr can see both the forest and the trees.

MGI has provided consulting services to TPAs and other managed care organizations.  The services have included work-flow and productivity improvement, software evaluation and selection, system administration training and others.  Consulting services are provided by both employees and contract consultants that are experienced in large and small scale health insurance organizations.  Their expertise can be accessed for consultation either by phone or on-site.

MGI would appreciate the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with your company and to add you to the list of MGI's satisfied clients.

Schedule of Consulting Fees

All consulting services are billed at a rate of $150.00 per hour.

Services provided by phone are billed in fifteen (15) minute increments.

Time spent in travel to and from client site is not billable.

Reimbursement of Expenses

All expenses incurred for travel, lodging and transportation is reimbursable by the client.

Meals are reimbursed at a rate of $35.00 per diem.

Client will not be billed for long distance telephone charges, postage or supplies used during the normal course of the project.